About our history since 1905


Dragonas Bros S.A. is the latest form of a company established in 1895 by Alexander A. Dragonas.

The activity of this first company was mostly in the dried figs sector with exports of 4000 tons per season, in countries like Italy, Hungary, Russia and other. In the same time the company exported some olive oil and Calamata olives in limited volumes. The company grew a lot but during the period of the WW2 ceased its activity.
After that difficult period the sons of Alexander, Kostas and Aristides Dragonas reestablished the old company under the name of Dragonas A. Bros. The advantage of that company was the fact that the production process used the old and proven recipes from their father, using natural only ingrediences. This company grew and established collaborations and a great position into the global market.

In 1995 the company passed in the hands of the children of Aristides Dragonas and in 2001, the company changed its name to the final title “Dragonas Bros S.A.”. The SA form of the company is following the steady growth and gives the capacity to deal easily with the increased needs of exporting from clients around the globe.

The products of the company are originated from the region of Messinia Greece and especially from the area of Calamata. The products exported by the company include: Calamata olives, calamata olive oil , dried figs and aromatic herbs. The company is  following the same physical ways and ingredients, in unique ways, to produce anything as in the grandfather did in 1895. Currently, the company operates in premises of 4400 m2. Two production lines are dedicated to every other product exported by the company with a capacity of 8,5 tons of olive oil and 11 tons of dried figs in single shift basis.


The company is following strict European standards for all of its products ant the processing techniques. Due to the special emphasis placed on the sector of food, the company has created a chemical laboratory. Well trained staff allows the company to respond to the highest demands required by international regulations concerning issues of food safety and quality. The company uses the highest quality of products, exlusively from Messinia and highest standards for production in order to ensure the highest quality for the final product. The company is certified with ISO 9001 from TUV Germany and more. Additionaly the company uses HACCP in order to ensure the safety, quality and standards of its products.

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