Calamata olive oil

Olive oil is a precious gift Greek land has to offer to the world! The Greek olive oil and especially the Calamata olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. Calamata olive oil is one of the healthiest products of the Mother Nature. Greece produces more than 430.000 tons of olive oil annually, and more than 75% of that is Extra virgin olive oil, which is the best type of olive oil.
Our company ‘Dragonas Bros S.A’ offers exceptional quality products exploiting tradition along with more than 100 years of experience during all the production chain. Production chain include the following stages: cultivation of olive trees, the harvest of the olives in the region of Kalamata, the cold crushing out of the olives by soft and natural processes assisted by hi-tech equipment, the transportation, storage, standardization and packing of the calamata olive oil in modern facilities, where a certified quality control system is applied.

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