Calamata Olives are similar to Kalamata olives and they are a famous Greek product which is internationally recognized for its exceptional quality. This is because calamata olives are growing in excellent soil and climatic conditions. The olive trees grow in very dry climates, like in Mediterranean, with its long hot summers. The Mediterranean region is responsible for 98% of the olive oil harvest. Calamata Olive is a traditional agricultural Greek product, as the climate and the landscape of Greece, favor its growth and cultivation. Greece is a major exporter of olives and the second larger producer of table olives in the EU. Olives contain vitamin E, vitamin A,lutein and zeaxanthin. Olives also contain an amount of calcium, iron and zinc. Olives are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, copper, potassium and selenium. Our Dragonas olives are naturally prepared without additives, preservatives or chemicals.

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