Our Region Calamata


Kalamata ‘also known as Calamata’ is the second-largest city of the Peloponnese in southern Greece. The capital and chief port of the Messinia prefecture, it lies along the Nedon River at the head of the Messinian Gulf. Located near the ancient city of Pharai mentioned by Homer, it lies 238 km SW of Athens,

Kalamata, drenched in sunlight and kissed by the blue sea, is the capital of Messinia. Built at the feet of mount Taygetos, it has been standing there since Byzantine times. Its port, the largest in the prefecture and the southernmost port of mainland Greece is bustling with life.

It is a modern city with 54,065 inhabitants, still bearing the marks of its history. For long years it has been known for its rich production and has gradually come to become one of the country’s major poles of growth. Kalamata combines Mountain and sea! A bit outsides the center of the city and in 250 meters height in Berga, are many restaurants, taverns and disco clubs. From Berga you can wonder at the entire Messinian Gulf.

Characteristic local product (its famous olive. Oil, figs and wines) are shipped directly from the port thought-hout the word. Even cruise ships or Cargo can dock in Kalamata, while a marina is ready to shelter and host all forms of yachts and pleasure craft.